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System. - The former member has reached age sixty. and Privilege Card DD Form 1173 and subsequently remarries must forfeit the DD Form 1173. Reserve Retirement Point Quantity previously had a DD Form 1173 based on ten-twenty-ten status if the former spouse s remarriage ends in annulment divorce or death. 13 Vol. 1 Glossary Part II former member The Service concerned must issue the Department of Defense Guard and Reserve Family Member Component member for authorization of full benefits for a...
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How to fill out dd form 1173 download


How to fill out dd form 1173 download:

Start by downloading the dd form 1173 from a reliable source or official military website.
Open the downloaded form using a PDF reader or any software that supports PDF files.
Review the instructions provided on the form carefully to ensure accurate completion.
Begin by filling in your personal information, such as your full name, social security number, date of birth, and contact details.
Provide information about your relationship to the military sponsor, if applicable. This may include the sponsor's name, rank, branch of service, and affiliation.
Fill out any additional sections or fields that pertain to your specific circumstances, such as if you are a dependent or a retiree.
Double-check all the information you have entered to ensure accuracy and completeness.
Save a copy of the filled-out form on your device or print it out if required.
Submit the completed form as instructed, whether it is to your military unit, personnel office, or any other designated authority.

Who needs dd form 1173 download:

Active duty military members might need the dd form 1173 to provide dependent identification for their family members.
Dependent family members of military personnel, such as spouses, children, or parents, may require the dd form 1173 for access to various military benefits and privileges.
Retirees and their eligible dependents might need the dd form 1173 to continue accessing military facilities, healthcare services, or other benefits they are entitled to.
Note: The specific eligibility requirements and purposes for needing the dd form 1173 may vary depending on individual circumstances and military regulations. It is advisable to consult with the appropriate military authority or personnel office to determine if this form is necessary or applicable in a particular situation.

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DD Form 1173 (Common Access Card) is required to be filed by all military personnel, civilian employees, and contractors who wish to obtain authorization to access military installations or receive privilege cards. It is also required for family members of military personnel who wish to receive a privilege card.
DD Form 1173 is an identity card issued to eligible beneficiaries of the Uniformed Services and their family members. The information that must be reported on the form includes the following: • Full name of the cardholder • Social Security Number • Date of Birth • Place of Birth • Gender • Race/ethnicity • Height • Weight • Hair Color • Eye Color • Cardholder's signature • Issuing authority • Date of issue • Expiration date • Card type (dependent or retiree) • Sponsor's name • Sponsor's Social Security Number • Sponsor's rank or grade • Sponsor's Service branch • Sponsor's unit • Sponsor's Duty Station • Sponsor's Relationship to cardholder • Sponsor's Telephone Number • Sponsor's Address
DD Form 1173 is a Department of Defense form used to authorize and record the issuance of military identification cards to eligible dependents of military service members and retirees. This form is used to gather and maintain important information about the dependent, such as their name, date of birth, relationship to the military member, and eligibility status. The form can be downloaded from the official Department of Defense website or other authorized sources.
To fill out DD Form 1173, you can follow these steps: 1. Start by downloading the form from the official website. You can search for "DD Form 1173 download" on a search engine to find the form. 2. Once downloaded, open the form using a PDF reader or editor software. 3. Read the instructions on the form carefully to understand what each section requires. 4. Begin filling out the form with your personal information. This may include your full name, social security number, date of birth, contact information, and address. 5. In the next section, you will need to provide information about your sponsor if applicable. This includes the sponsor's name, relationship to you, service status, and branch of service. 6. Proceed to fill in your eligibility information. This may include your status in relation to the sponsor, such as being a dependent or a former spouse. Provide any relevant dates, such as the period of time for which you are eligible for benefits. 7. If you have any other eligible dependents, you will need to provide their information in the next section. This includes their names, social security numbers, and relationship to you. 8. The form may also require you to provide additional information, such as any medical or educational benefits. Fill in these sections accordingly. 9. Finally, review the completed form to ensure all the information provided is accurate and complete. 10. Save a copy of the filled-out form for your records and proceed to print and sign it if necessary. Remember that this is a general guide, and it is always recommended to refer to the specific instructions provided with the form or seek assistance from an official source for any doubts or queries.
DD Form 1173 is a Department of Defense (DoD) form used to verify the eligibility of individuals who are entitled to receive military benefits and privileges. It is primarily used to issue identification cards to dependents of military members, including spouses and children. The purpose of downloading DD Form 1173 is to provide a standardized document that confirms the eligibility of dependents to access various military benefits and services. It helps in ensuring that only eligible individuals receive the appropriate benefits and establishes their affiliation with the military community.
The DD Form 1173 is a military identification card application form. It is important to file this form on time to avoid any disruptions in accessing military benefits and privileges. There is no specific penalty stated for the late filing of DD Form 1173. However, delaying the submission of this form may result in a delay of receiving the military identification card, which can impact the individual's ability to access certain benefits and privileges. It is recommended to submit the form as soon as possible to prevent any inconvenience or delays.
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